Follow-up on your Code Review

Making use of your code review

On GitHub, browse to your repository and click the “Issues” tab. Then you should have a list of all the issues that have been created. You can click on each issue’s name to see the specific lines of code they cited and to read the reviewer’s full comments. Some suggestions will clearly be good ideas and easy to fix quickly. Once you’ve updated the code as appropraite (commited and pushed that change), then you can enter “Done” in the box at the bottom and click “Close issue”. Other issues may benefit from you replying to the reviewer to ask for further information (e.g., “Are you asking what the variable ‘x’ is?"). Other issues may just require more time to incorporate. You’re welcome to try out more advanced features (e.g., adding labels to help you prioritize issues, assiging one of your team members to deal with each issue, etc. Once you close an issue it’ll no longer show up on the default issues page (but you can still go back to see them by clicking “Closed”), so it’s easy to focus on the open issues. Feel free to create your own issues (especially if you’re working in a team) to help organize the work for the rest of the project.