Grading Rubrics

Class Project

The class project consists of several parts, each of which has its own submission deadline. It is particularly important that you provide code for peer review on time, so that your peer reviewer is able to provide thoughtful and helpful feedback in time for it to improve your code for the latter parts of the project. The project grade will be based on:

Project Components

The grading rubric for each part of the proposal is provided below.

Project Proposal

Serial version of code

Peer Code Reviews

For more information, see instructions for code review.

First parallel version of code

Typically, the first parallel version runs on multiple cores using a shared memory system.

Submit second parallel version of code

Typically, the second parallel version of the code is parallelized using one of: multiple cores with distributed-memory or a GPU. Other alternatives include using Intel Phis, TPUs, or a cloud environment like JuliaHub.

Completed Project:

Project Presentation