Starting Labs

Instructions for Starting Labs via ICS ACI Portal

  1. Clone your Github Repository on ACI (only need to do once per assignment)
  2. Open notebook
  3. Save and commit changes as you go

Clone your github repository to begin a new assignment

git clone REPO_URL  # where REPO_URL is what you'll paste from the clipboard
julia --project -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.instantiate(); '
git remote add upstream

Unfortunately, Pluto notebooks can be a bit finicky. So in many cases it may make more sense to just download the replacement notebook from the starter repository and overwrite your.

If you did want to attempt to merge changes from the starting repository (e.g., for files other than Pluto notebooks), then you can run either

git pull upstream main

or if you have a newer version of git

git pull upstream main --allow-unrelated-histories

Open notebook

Commit your changes

Ideally, you’d commit small changes as you go. At a minimum, make sure that you commit your changes each time you are wrapping up a coding session or about to take a break.