Creating lab assignments

Workflow for creating lab assignments

Create Development repostiory from template:

Commit template files

git add .gitignore .travis.yml docker-compose.yml environment.yml LICENSE REQUIRE test
git commit -m "template"

Rename to use main branch and push to GitHub

git branch -m master main
git push -u origin main

Create & Switch to solution branch

git checkout -b solution

Make exercises (named exN.ipynb) and tests (named test/testN.jl)

Setup Project.toml

Once assignments is ready for to test thea, create/update the Project.toml file in test directory to include needed packages

activate ..
add NBInclude
add Weave
add Glob

Add Project.toml to the repo and make remote solution branch track local solution branch

git add test/Project.toml
git commit -m "for exN"
git push -u origin solution`

Check solution passes CI testing

Check status of test at .

Make Julia Markdown version of solutions

Create Starer Repository for Students

Create starter repostiory on from development repository

Make original branch for comparison purposes and switch back to main branch

git checkout -b original
git push -u origin original
git checkout main

Check that you’re happy with the labN-start repository

Distribute new laboratory assignment

Go to