Reviewing lab assignments

Workflow for reviewing lab assignments

  1. Go to GitHub Classroom

    • Click class
    • Click Assignment
  2. To review a student’s work:

    • Click “View repository” next to student’s github id
    • Look if “Pull requests” has a number >=1 after it.
    • If so:
      • Click “Pull requests”, click pull request name
      • Click “Checks” and see that Travis returns “Succes”
      • Click “Files changed”
      • Click “File filter…", select .jmd (or click “Jump to…", select ex.jmd)
      • Review differences
      • Click the blue “+”, enter comments, “Add single comment”.
    • Else:
      • click “New pull request”
      • Select “base: original <- compare:main”
      • Click “N changed files”
      • Click each *.jmd file
      • Review differences
      • If want to leave comments, then go ahead and make pull request